What’s Popping?

What’s Popping?

The popcorn finally dried down to the right moisture content to pop. If you haven’t yet received your popcorn, we will be getting it to you shortly. The earworms also got into the popcorn destroying over 1/2 the crop. We have discussed options for this coming growing season to ensure that this insect does not limit the supply for next year.

In the meantime, we hope you have been able to enjoy some popcorn on these cold winter days. It’s one of the Joys of the Garden that keep on giving after the growing season is done. Learn more about how popcorn is raised across the U.S. here.

Garden Science


These cobs were supposed to shell one color. As you can see it is two colors. This is because the corn cross pollinated with one another during the pollination stage of its development.


Popcorn 101


Using their great grandpa’s corn sheller the boys shelled (separated the popcorn kernels from the cob) the popcorn.


The boys enjoy seeing this work. It takes some patience to get through all of the cobs. It sure is a good thing they enjoy the popcorn! Check out popcorn’s nutrition information here.

Recipe of the Week

Check out these great tips from the Popcorn Board.


We pop our popcorn with an air popper. The boys love treasurer hunt popcorn which is simply adding a few M&M’s to their bowl. It’s a favorite in our house that I learned from a friend at college. Great thing about M&Ms –¬†they don’t melt. They just soften.