Planting on April 28

Today, we spent alot of time tilling and planting – what great family time! Most of our seeds were purchased from Jordan Seeds,, in Woodbury who were recommended by many of our friends who grow for farmer’s markets or are CSA growers. The germination rate has been very good. The seed varieties are ones we have grown before, but we were able to purchase them in larger quantities to meet the needs for more families.

Welcome to Harner Bros CSA

Welcome to Harner Bros CSA where are family enjoys providing homegrown produce so you can enjoy the many joys of the garden! Our family works diligently to plant practical garden produce that even our kids will eat and provide you are shareholders with recipes to feed your family.

We have been involved with agriculture are entire life and have been avid gardeners since we got married. We expanded our garden to open opportunities for our friends, family and community and to provide our children valuable learning opportunities. We provide you with a connection to agriculture and resources to answer your consumer questions.

Watering System

We are finally setting up the watering system for the garden that we have discussed for years. We purchased a large water tank and will run our rain gutters on our shop into the water tank. We are installing a drip water irrigation system on sections of the garden. This will allow us to provide a more consistent quality crop and harvest for our shareholders.

Steve, Keith and Sam working on our watering system for the garden.

Planting April 14

While Steve was turkey hunting in South Dakota, the boys and I started planting what I call some of our salad vegetables. Keith also has picked up the camera in this process and has been one of our photographers.

We mark our row with a string. The seeds are planted in furrow, rows dug in the ground. The furrows are made by the planter, tiller or hoe.


Kristin and Sam planting.
Beets – We planted beets to harvest both the leaf greens for salads and the roots for eating.
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce is one of my garden salad favorites. We will be trying a variety of salad lettuces throughout the season. I love it in any salad or with just a bit of sugar sprinkled over the leaves. The boys love it to!
I love spinach in my salads and in place of or in addition to lettuce on sandwiches.
Carrot seeds – Nantjes and Danvers in the first round.
Carrot seeds – as we were planting one of the most interesting and fun things to notice is the distinct differences between seed shapes and sizes.
Carrot seeds – as we were planting one of the most interesting and fun things to notice is the distinct differences between seed shapes and sizes.
Turnips are a newby to us as well. But we thought it was an “old” garden favorite so we should try it. And it seems to love our soil. So I will be researching ideas for all of us to try.
Big Max Pumpkins – Now we realize we will be lucky if we have one huge pumpkin. But in our year’s of gardening we feel you always have to try for the huge pumpkin. So we will hopefully have a CSA “pumpkin mascot.”
Big Max pumpkin seeds – no wonder the end product is supposed to be a couple hundred pounds!


These two boys can’t wait to see how big the pumpkins get. Of course you have to be taming kittens while you are planting – notice the kitten in Keith’s arms and the other wrapped in the towel by Sam’s feet.

Rhubarb Torte

Our boys love to cook in the kitchen. So whenever the opportunity presents itself, I use this as a great way to develop so many lifelong skills, from measuring, hand/eye coordination, cooking etc. This is a family favorite Rhubarb Torte shared with me by a good friend from Wisconsin. Thanks Janet!


Planting Potatoes

Sam, Steve and Keith planting potatoes on Easter Sunday.

We have planted several varieties of potatoes this year. On Easter Sunday, we came home and planted: Norland (a red potato), Kennebec (baking potato), Yukon (yellow flesh with buttery flavor) and blue potatoes. As you can see the boys are very involved, and we are amazed at what we all learn while we are working together.

Planting Begins

Keith and Steve tilling.

On April 1, we were able to start tilling more of the garden and preparing for the CSA, and to our absolute amazement, there was plenty of rhubarb to be harvested.

We have so much rhubarb that we sell it in addition to including the rhubarb in the CSA. One-third of the proceeds are donated to the American Red Cross. The boys sell it for $3 per pound and one pound equals about three cups. They are the fifth generation to raise the rhubarb which was originally planted by their Norwegian relatives on the farm they homesteaded when settling near Tracy, Minnesota.

Steve and Keith measuring the garden.

Sam examining the rhubarb.