What is a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an opportunity for consumers who desire locally grown produce to participate in the successes and failures of a local farm felt during a Minnesota growing season. The member of the general-public starts by selecting a local vegetable and/or fruit farmer they trust and registers to buy a share of their yield.

Through this purchase this person becomes a CSA shareholder and receives a commitment from their chosen farmer to provide them a weekly share of in-season produce throughout the growing season. The farmer agrees to harvest, sort and sometimes cool (if needed) and deliver the share to a mutually convenient location.

The shareholder agrees to pay for their share prior to the beginning of the season, which often times allows the grower to be able to plant, grow, cultivate, harvest and deliver the produce without having to borrow operating capital.

Should the crop fail due to forces of nature beyond control of the farmer (hail storms, flooding, droughts, insects, tornadoes etc), the CSA shareholder agrees to share in part of the crop losses by accepting a smaller CSA box.

For many farmers, this risk sharing can be a significant factor in the sustainability of their farm. To the shareholder, this strategic partnership provides a sense of ownership in the CSA farm and in the food it produces as well as stronger bond to their farmer.

We at Harner Brothers CSA want current and potential shareholders to understand how seriously we assume the responsibility of producing under our mission of “Homegrown produce for consumers who desire the joys of a garden.” We know that is why we grow, and why you are interested for your health, the taste and delicious produce.

We believe our CSA program offers many exciting benefits to you as a shareholder, ourselves as farmers and most importantly for growth and sustainability of our farm.

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