Delivery Begins

Welcome to Harner Brothers CSA. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and for you through the growing season.

The great news is that delivery has started and as the season progresses, you will continue to see your culinary options grow. We are excited to see the daily changes and growth in the garden. Today, we saw our second planting of potatoes and sunflowers peeking through.


Remember that pick-up and deliveries will be on the schedule you have arranged with Harner Brothers CSA with harvest on Wednesday evenings. It is your responsibility to know that the pick-up or drop-off time will occur at the agreed upon time, and it is your responsibility as a shareholder to know this and be responsible for the produce at that time. If you are unable to utilize your share that week, it is still your responsibility: find someone else to pick it up or donate it to the food shelf.

Each box is labeled for each family. The same boxes will be used for your family throughout the season. Boxes and containers should be returned the following week. Bags will only be used once.


Looking ahead to the season there will be a few changes to note on your calendars. Please make note of the following:


4th of July – Deliveries and pick-ups will occur on Thursday, July 5


August 8 will be changed to Thursday, August 9.


September 12 will be changed to Tuesday, September 11


This list is prepared before we harvest your share. Some guesswork is involved! We do our best to predict which crops will be ready to harvest, but sometimes crops are on the list that are not in the share, and sometimes crops will be in the share even though they’re not on the list.

Rhubarb – one pound equals about 3 cups. Wash, cut the ends off, chop into 1/4 – 1/2 inch pieces and you can freeze it in a Ziploc bag and use for months to come. Our family loves it in muffins, breads, jam, pie, crisp, sauce and torte. Check out earlier posts on Rhubarb for recipe ideas.

Asparagus – wash and run a knife gently over the darker arrow pieces on th stem. Cut into 1 inch pieces and place in microwave for a few minutes. Follow your microwave directions. Sprinkle with some parmesan cheese.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce – wash, cut off longer stems. Enjoy in salads or sprinkle a little bit of sugar over it.

Spinach – wash, cut off longer stems. Great for salads.

Radishes – wash, cut off the tops and also the bottoms, slice and enjoy in salads. Some enjoy dipping in salt.

Herbs – chives, lemon thyme wash then chop up chives into small pieces.

Fresh cut arrangement – includes Hosta leaves. These last forever in a vase of water. After a week, give them a fresh cut, and they will last longer. The greenery in the house is a day brightener. I had hoped to give you more peonies and irises, but the storms this weekend were uncooperative.

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