Growth in View

It’s been a busy few weeks. Some of the cold rainy weather has given way to heat and the plants and weeds are enjoying it. Some of the vining plants have really bolted.

Our young plants we transplanted like our cabbages, eggplants, tomatoes and more that our neighbor Blake started for us are trying to find their way through these interesting weather changes. The cabbage below is one of the young plants we transplanted over Memorial Day weekend prior to some heavy rain. Here is a quick look at our activity. Stay tuned the activity is about to pick up as we dive into June.


Purple cabbages were planted. Check out the root system.


Dark Detroit red beets growing.


Super Sweet Sugar Ann Peas…a favorite!!


Cucumbers growing… the young plants smell like a freshly cut cucumber at the this stage.


Green beans… note that the green bean seed shell is still on the plant.


Installing drip line irrigation under the mulch. It’s all fun and games until work needs to be done and mom get’s out the camera.


Installing the mulch for the tomatoes.

This is exhausting work. Maybe if I lay here long enough they will think I am asleep.

We also did an agriculture in the classroom in Sam’s classroom about seeds. Here we were doing a seed sorting activity. The students had a great time examining and looking at the difference between the seeds.

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