Warmer weather on the Horizon

We are ready for some sunshine and no snow and are hopeful that the weather forecast of warmer days to come are upon us. Here is a glimpse of our activity last week.


Keith and I planted some of our seeds last week such as cauliflower, tomatoes, watermelon and more.


It is fun to see all of the different sizes and shapes of the seeds and then to see what they grow into. A miracle combined with science and Mother Nature – always fun to witness.


We were grateful for a beautiful day. The boys all had a hard time believing me that we were in a winter storm warning for the following day.


Sure enough, the snow came, and the boys made the most of it. Grateful that one week later the snow is gone.


Keith with one of the Isa Brown hens that is quickly growing and maturing at little over 7 weeks old.


After a hard days work, it was fun to see the boys sit down and just enjoy these young chickens. This is one of the male rooster Isa Browns at just over 7 weeks of age.






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