Growth in Sight

June is upon us, and like you, we are anxious to see plant growth and move to the next steps…harvesting and eating! The lack of moisture slowed plant growth. So, the rainfall at the end of May was such a blessing, and the sight of plants emerging and growing is such a joy. A lot has been “growing on” at our place the past few months. Here is a glimpse of the activity. 

The planting is complete. Tomatoes, peppers and more were planted this week after the frost warnings. We plant them in the mulch to prevent soil-borne diseases, and it keeps the tomatoes and peppers clean.
I love looking at the seed potato bags and seeing where they were grown in Minnesota.
We finished planting the majority of the garden on April 25. The lack of moisture in May slowed the crop growth. The moisture we were grateful to receive the past two weeks has been very helpful. Above, Steve prepares the seed potatoes for planting.
Good news the rhubarb will be ready for you to enjoy.
The green beans have emerged. I always love seeing how the plant splits open the seed to emerge and extend it’s leaves as it grows. Those are dandelion seeds on the leaves.
Sam’s turkeys are growing like crazy, and he is enjoying learning from this 4-H project. They will be full grown in the middle to end of July. Let Sam know if you would be interested in learning more.
Keith’s meat chickens, broilers, are also growing fast. The added use of hormones as growth promotants in poultry and pork production is illegal in the U.S. Broilers have been selected to be naturally muscular. They just love to eat and grow.

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